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Why Harrison Consulting, LLC?

I have years of experience helping those who seek to help themselves. Whether you are seeking an evaluation to fulfill a requirement of the court or an employer, for your personal health, or your families future; I can meet with you on your first step to your new goals, assess your needs, and provide the recommendations that will lead you on your path to success.

Though I continue to work for facilities, there is an advantage to choosing an independent assessor. As an independent, I can meet with you where and when would be convenient to you. My Self-Pay Policy keeps health insurance out of your private matter, a popular request of many who seek assessments.

An assessor helps connect individuals to vital services in the chemical dependency industry by conducting evaluations, preparing referrals, and communicating with involved agencies to secure their client’s health, future, and best interest.
There are 2 great reasons to come to me for an assessment: First, if you have had a DWI, it’s likely the court will require one of you. Getting your assessment done before court is often recommended by lawyers, particularly to their clients that want to be proactive to meet court requirements. I can get you connected with services that can take care of the basic court requirements of a DWI charge BEFORE your court date, allowing you to move on with your life sooner. Additionally, if you struggle with addiction or are chemically dependent, a Chemical Dependency Evaluation is required to get into an Inpatient or Outpatient program, referrals are made to appropriate programs based on my evaluations and recommendations.

Services Offered

  • Chemical Evaluations
  • DWI Evaluations
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Outpatient Programming
  • Residential Programming
  • Driving with Care Programming
  • ISP Programming
  • Chemical Awareness Class
  • Anger Management Class
  • MICD Counseling
  • 24/48 Relapse Prevention

Insurance Policy

Harrison Consulting, LLC. now accepts some insurances! Though self-pay is still available those who wish to use benefits can have their insurance billed.

Self Pay Policy

For those who have no insurance benefits, or choose not to use its services, I charge a $150 fee for an assessment.